Inspiring Aspiring Leaders

Committed to the greater good, leaders set a bold vision and inspire others to drive meaningful results.

  • Traits include nine internal characteristics that effective leaders embody;
  • Behaviors include six skills that leaders develop and demonstrate;
  • Goals capture our specific objectives for the Knight-Hennessy scholars.
  • Education Justice Academy is creating tools and training for potential school board members from underrepresented communities;
  • Young African Research Network (YARN) is providing support to aspiring African scientists with mentors, funding, and networking;
  • American Investment Marketplace is a platform for midsize cities to market themselves to target companies looking to expand;
  • Public Service Interest Group is helping scholars learn how to run for office and take on government roles;
  • Documenting Families Experience with Illness is teaching kids to take photos in order to capture their personal experiences with severe illness;
  • Immigrant Love is a coffee subscription service and marketplace that sells coffee from refugee and immigrant entrepreneurs;
  • Language Workouts is building tools to help students build muscle memory for a new language through strategic repetition;
  • GEODES is developing ways to connect skilled talent pools in emerging markets, such as Africa, with employers and opportunities in the global north;
  • Continuous Health Tracking is designing a vest that tracks circulating inflammatory markers to help enhance human health;
  • KHarbon Neutral Case Study spent the year creating a roadmap for making the Knight-Hennessy program carbon neutral;
  • Abortion Storytelling Project which is tackling this complicated topic by capturing the stories of those who have received abortions; and
  • Imagine a World Podcast is producing a series of interviews with KH scholars about their dreams for a better world, and how they are contributing to bringing them to life.

It is inspiring to work with these aspiring leaders!



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Tina Seelig

Tina Seelig


Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Stanford. Author, What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20, inGenius, Creativity Rules