Open Course — Inventing the Future

Tina Seelig
2 min readMar 21, 2020


Join us! Tina Seelig and Lisa Kay Solomon from Stanford University will be teaching a free, one week online course from March 30 — April 3, 2020. The course will be taught via Zoom and is open to all.

Computer scientist, Alan Kay, famously said, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” As such, we are all responsible for inventing the future we hope that we and our descendants will experience. In this highly interactive free, online course, we will be exploring how to predict and invent the future. Now more than ever, we all need the knowledge, tools, skills, and mindset required to promote agency in our uncertain world.

This course is based on a course we teach at Stanford, called Inventing the Future. In this course we will focus on tools for imagining the future and those for evaluating the impact of different technologies and trends. Each session will also include a class debate, looking at the utopian and dystopian consequences of a different frontier technology, such as AI doctors, VR travel, and lab grown meat.


  • Classes will be 3–5 PM Pacific Time on Mon — Fri, March 30 — April 3
  • The class will include short presentations, group work, and debates.
  • There is no homework — all work will be done during the class sessions.
  • We will use Zoom, Google Docs, and email for communication.
  • We will communicate to all those who sign up via email.
  • Please feel free to invite others to join the class!
  • The course will be limited to the first 200 people who sign up. Please only sign up if you really plan to participate.
  • The course is oversubscribed… Details to follow to all those who registered.



Tina Seelig

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