Who needs a summer internship? STVP is here to help!

Tina Seelig
2 min readMay 6, 2020


It’s May 2020, and thousands of college students across the country and around the world are struggling to find summer internships. The organizations that would normally hire them are instead laying off workers in the face of the global pandemic that is disrupting everything.

In response, the Stanford Technology Ventures Program is disrupting the summer internship, offering an opportunity for any Stanford student to have a meaningful role this summer.

The Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP)is the entrepreneurship center at Stanford University’s School of Engineering. Our mission is to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship education at Stanford and around the world. We offer dozens of courses each year, engage in scholarly research on strategy in startup companies, and share our work via our Stanford eCorner collection of videos, podcasts, and articles.

We are offering any current Stanford student an opportunity to participate in STVP’s Virtual Summer Internship Program. Working in small teams, participants will mine our vast library of resources on Stanford eCorner and to create collections of assets that can be used by students and educators around the world, while building marketable skills.

In this internship program, not only will you create something of value, but will learn a tremendous amount by immersing yourself with insights from entrepreneurial thought leaders over the past two decades, including Mark Zuckerberg, Meg Whitman, Harrison Ford, Elon Musk, Melinda Gates, Sal Khan, and Sheryl Sandberg.

The program will launch in mid-June, and will include weekly online meetings with STVP educators to discuss selected topics with the entire group of participants. In addition, there will be Zoom meetings with the STVP editorial team to get coaching on content curation and marketing.

Participants will pick topics of interest related to innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership, such as venture finance or managing innovative teams, and curate a selection of digital assets. We will provide suggested topics to get you started. Interns will title each collection, write a description, and craft study questions and/or activities. The best collections will be shared on the eCorner website with attribution to the curators. We expect that this program will take approximately 10–15 hours per week.

By successfully completing the required number of collections, all students will receive formal recognition from the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, and will be entitled to share this on their resume as an official summer internship for 2020. There is no monetary compensation for this work.

Please find the website and application here: https://stvp.stanford.edu/stvp-virtual-summer-internship-program



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